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Chris Logsdon Logo:  It's more than just great music...it's REAL entertainment!
Welcome to www.ChrisLogsdon.com - the official web site for Columbus, Ohio area
musician, singer/songwriter, entertainer and guitarist, Chris Logsdon. Chris has been
performing his own unique version of acoustic rock favorites for audiences across the
state of Ohio for over twenty years now. In the tradition of such live performance icons
as Jimmy Buffett and Pat Dailey...Logsdon has forged his own reputation as a true "live"
entertainer. Chris puts on a fun, interactive show that you have to experience to appreciate.
An evening with Chris Logsdon is more than just great music...it truly is real entertainment!

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    Cleveland, OH
Boston Mills - Ski  
Sat. March 7    
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Travel with me to...  
SAT: Feb. 14   
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    St. Patty's Day...
TWO performances     
See BOTH...
4pm      &      9pm  
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    St. Patty's Day at
in Gahanna
4pm      to      8pm  
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    Papa Boo's
on Buckeye Lake  
Sunday, June 13    
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24-28 Join us!     
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